Playlist by Pig Snout

Pig Snout

Last week, we re-posted a photo on our Instagram of Pig Snout, a pretty rad band based out of Tacoma, Washington. Fun fact: the majority of members are under age 10. Well, perhaps upon a quick observation you’d notice that detail. Pig Snout is a family band which includes Lucien (age 9), Dahlia (age 6), and dear old Dad. Lucien and Dahlia are multi-instrumentalists too; the brother and sister switch between drums and keyboards. Justin, resident dad, lays down the guitar licks and also is the band’s manager. He kindly compiled a short playlist of songs favored by Dahlia and Lucien for all of us to enjoy. Thank you Pig Snout for making this playlist!


By the way, watch their new music video for the song “The Tar Trap.” Guarantee the line, “It’s time to run away…now..always,” will be on repeat in your head.

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