Hedgehog continues to explore outer limits of rock on Phantom Pop Star

Hedgehog, Phantom Pop Star



The Beijing trio Hedgehog create expansive gauzy-pop sung mainly in Chinese, with a polished mix of distorted and clean guitars, some keyboards, and well-chosen cello on their sixth album, Phantom Pop Star. Guitarist Zo and drummer Atom share many of the vocals, bringing a charged atmospheric  sparkle to a thoughtful and, at times, wistful, indie dreamscape. The standout track is “DDDDDDreaMMMMMM,” one that brings together the best of sunny indie postpunk and noisy psychedelic freak-outs. Atom’s drums and soaring voice skillfully punch through the distorted drone of dive-bombing reverb-y guitars, as keyboard lines and clean guitar hooks playfully dart in and fade out of the controlled eruptions of noise. Fans of Pinback, Deerhoof, Blonde Redhead, and Joy Division are sure to find something to like here.


Listen to this: when you’re about to get attacked by zombies, and you need a burst of sunshine to warm their dead bodies.


—Caryn Havlik

Phantom Pop Star by Hedgehog released April 2014 by Modern Sky




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