Crushed Out kick up some dust with new album Teeth


Crushed Out


Crushed Out’s third full-length album is the result of a tumbleweed-strewn, guns-a-blazin’ desert showdown between Jenny Lewis and La Luz. I’m not sure who wins, but I don’t think it matters.

All the labels that have been bestowed upon the New Hampshire husband and wife duo —spaghetti western, honky tonk, reverb-drenched surf—are totally accurate, so I don’t feel a need to invent a new (obviously nonsensical and hyper-pretentious) term to describe them. All I can tell you is that when they sing “hopping trains, landed in some Midwest town” in “Riding Lightning,” even though Crushed Out started in Brooklyn, I’m like, “Yeah! Tell me more about that time you were hoppin’ trains!” I mean, I believe them, man. I am totally drinking the Crushed Out Kool-aid and it tastes like whiskey.

Listen to this: when you want to feel like the sheriff of a desert town but you can’t afford cowboy boots and the desert is too darn hot.

—Anna Blumenthal


Teeth was released Sept. 16 on Cool Clear Water Records




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