New Myths Just Want to Give You Noise

New York is home to new myths. I’m not talking about any fanasty-filled stories of the Big Apple. I’m talking about the NYC trio, New Myths. The dreampop band releases their debut album Give Me Noise on October 14.

All members have a love of artists like Blondie, Joy Division, and Heart. In 2012, they formed New Myths based around this love and want to make songs that harkened backed to those bands.  The band has managed to create songs that echo of the 80s new wave, but that sound entirely fresh on their own.

Give Me Noise gives off a dark energy. There’s an ethereal quality to the harmonies. The production quality is tight. The drums, strings, guitar–it all sounds crisp.”It Burns Through Your Armour” is a track worth a listen. The guitar riff creates a sort of rhythmic meditation. You hear it resembled and complimented in the strings. The center of the riff allows you to get into the song deeper and deeper as it plays. The more it plays, the more I started grooving.  The calm feeling continues, revs withpounding drums, and sustains quietly into the overall dreamy feel.

New Myths blend a nice bit of mellowness with full on high-angsty emotions in their debut LP.

Check out a live video of their song “It Burns Through Your Armour”.

Check out tour dates and other New Myths info here.

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