Lauren Flax Remix of Southside (Bunny Michael)

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Lauren Flax (CREEP) who is a contributing writer to Tom Tom (and someone we have featured in the magazine and have DJ at our parties whenever she can) remixed Bunny‘s single Southside. The hook of this song is “Boy on the inside, Girl on the outside, Do you wanna play with me?  I live on the Southside.” “This song is about letting go of sexual definitions bound by physicality,” says artist Bunny. “I believe all humans possess both male and female energies and the realization of that is both super sexy and empowering. Not to mention helps us connect as humans to see we have much more in common than different. The energy you put into something is equal to the energy that comes out, and I want people to feel love and magic when they hear my songs.”


The original “art rapper” coined by Sasha Frere-Jones of The New Yorker, (read here) Bunny Michael, formerly known as Bunny Rabbit has spent the past 4 years dedicating herself to the pedagogy of self realization through soundscapes and visualization, becoming an expanding vessel to Universal Creative Consciousness. The result is her  first self produced EP, Rainbow Licker, a 4 song initiation that not only moves you in the physical realm but transports to dimensions beyond.

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