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This weekend (June 6-7th) one of our all time favorite cymbal companies, Dream Cymbals, will be in NYC at one of our favorite music shops MAIN DRAG MUSIC. This Friday and Saturday there will be great deals on new Dream Cymbals, insane prototypes and one of a kind stock. The company’s president Andy Morris will be there and wants to meet everyone and anyone and answer any questions you may have about their products as well as talk shop and get to know NYC drummers.

For Tom Tom’s Issue 18 I was lucky enough to review a few of Dream’s new cymbals.  To my surprise, I received 3 splashes, 1 crash and 1 ride, each from the Bliss, Energy and Contact lines.  As a drummer myself, we all know it’s a very expensive hobby – I didn’t buy new equipment for 5 years, but Dream makes it possible to purchase quality cymbals at an affordable price.  When I first sat down to review each cymbal I noticed they all pack huge sound, great tones and beautiful aesthetics.  I transition the high volumed 18″ Energy Crash in with my current set up, and if I want presence from a ride, I switch to the monster 22″ Gorilla Ride.  As you can tell, Dream Cymbals are great for all types of playing, whether it’s rock, indie or metal – Dream is perfect for it all.

Dream Artists such as Dion Parson (Dion Parson & 21st Century Band) Livia Ranalli (The End Men) and Dan Barman (Food Will Win the War) will be there as well. Tom Tom loves these affordable great sounding cymbals. Highly recommend heading to Main Drag this weekend. https://www.facebook.com/events/1437545303161770/

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