The Top Finalists For HIt Like A Girl 2014 Has Come To A Close

2014 Hit Like A Girl Contest for Female Drummers Tom Tom Magazine

This past week public voting has come to an end for your favorite Hit Like A Girl drummer.  There are twenty finalists in the <18 category and twenty two finalists in the 18+ category.  The countries represented by all the contestants are Australia, Austria, Brazil, Chile, France, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Philippines, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, and Venezuela.

In each section new finalists have been added to the roster.  For the <18 category the drummers include, Issey (Indonesia), Milana (US), Avelyn C (US), Payton Taylor (US), Selma (France), Maddie M. (US), Roo (US), Nat Drum-Her (US), CatDrummerGirl (US), and Daga (Poland).

The 18+ new finalists include Lorena Perez Batista (Venezuela), Tosha Jones (US), Fer Fuentes (Chile), Rikki Woods (US), Vivien Tiszai (Hungary), Corlie Hervé (France), J-Burd (US), Alana Dym (US) Stephie G (US), and Vicky ‘Buttfairy’ Reader (UK).

The winner of the 2014 Hit Like A Girl Contest will be announced April 3rd on Drumchannel.  Each finalists video will be reviewed and scored according to style, technique and groove.  A profile of the drummers will be presented live on at 6:00 PM Pacific time on April 3rd with host Mindy Abovitz of Tom Tom Magazine.

The celebrity judges for this year include Emmanuele Caplette, Hannah Ford, Jess Bowen, Meytal Cohen, Dawn Richardson, Alexey Poblete, Senri Kawaguchi, Emily Dolan-Davies, Valeria Sepulveda, Allison Miller, Lux, Sheila E ,Kate Schellenbach, Nia Lovelis, Jen ledger, Didi Negron.  Other judges include, Mindy Abovitz, Craigie Zildjian, Sarah Heil, Michelle Levitt, Kim Willis, Jordan Liffengren, and Prudence Elliott.

Let’s not forget the sponsors who help make Hit Like A Girl possible! Ahead, Alfred, Avedis Zildjian, Bateros-com, Big Bang Distribution, Cleartune, Crush Drums, Dark Horse Percussion, drum, Drum For Goodness Sake, Drum Guru, DRUM! Magazine, Drum Workshop,, Drummer Cafe, Enter Music Network, Evans, Go Pro, Guitar Center, Heil Sound, Hudson, Indian Drummer, Innovative percussion, Kickport, Music Radar, OnlineDrummer, Overtone Labs, Pacific Drums & Percussion, Percussion Marketing Council, Percussive Arts Society, Performance Drumming, Planet-Drum, Pro-Mark, Rhythm Magazine, Robert Downs Photography, SKB Cases, The Black Page, Tom Tom Magazine, TRX Cymbals, Vater, Women In Music Network, and Yamaha  DTX.


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