Little Boots, A Moog Sub Phatty, and A Dope New Track

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We recently gave three of our favorite producers around the world a chance to write a track using Moog’s newest Sub Phatty as the track foundation (drums and bass). This is our first installment of that series featuring the one and only, England’s pride, Little Boots. Below is the track she made for us and right under that is a short interview with the maker herself.

Name Victoria Hesketh

Age 25

Hometown Blackpool

Lives in London

Current Projects Little Boots

Gear Set Up Live – Moog Little Phatty, Moog Sub Phatty, Prophet 08, Korg MS20 mini, Korg R3, Korg MicroKontrol, Dopfer Arpeggiator, live drums, Roland SPD SX, Akai MPK25

Studio Gear Set Up Same as above plus Korg Polysix, Apogee duet, Rode mic

Fav Piece of Gear Korg MS 20 mini

Little Boots Moog SubPhatty Producer Best Woman Female Beatmaker Synth Player

Tom Tom Magazine: When the Sub Phatty arrived did you know what you were going to do with it straight away?

Little Boots: Not at all! We were quite intrigued as we have loved and used to death the Moog Little Phatty. We have one of the first tribute editions of the Little Phatty so were interested to see if the new guy [Sub Phatty] could replace it.

What was your song-writing process like for this track?

For this track we really had to let the track lead us as we wanted to showcase what the synth could do, so we played around with the sounds and also used it as a midi controller. We were expecting to get the baseline from it first being a bass synth but actually it was the arp pattern that really lead the track. We weren’t expecting that. Once we had that and the chords locked in everything else came pretty quickly.

You just released a new music video at the end of last year. Can you tell us what shooting that and the process was like?

It was the first time I have co-directed a video and I also came up with the concept so it was very different from previous videos and took a lot of planning and confidence. I was really pleased with the result.

What are you excited about for 2014?

Writing new music! I spent most of last year touring all over the world so its nice to be in one place for a while and get creative. I’m also running my record label and looking forward to releasing the other artists we have coming up.


For more reading on the Sub Phatty, check out the Sub Phatty cat. Literally a cat playing the Sub Phatty.  Find out more about Little Boots here. 

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