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By Andrea Davis for Tom Tom Magazine 

I come from a family of drummers.  My two uncle’s a drummer, my two cousins, and me.  At a certain age I noticed I had an excessive tapping issue, one that needed to be focused on things I could bang on.  So, I got a drum set.

Years after practicing and perfecting my craft, I started playing local shows in my area of Southeastern, CT.  Lugging my huge 22-inch bass drum from venue to venue every weekend was always a favorite of mine – and I say that very facetiously.

For me, I’m always trying to find new ways to compact my drum set to make it easier for travel.  As a drummer, I love the shapes and the sizes that make up the kit, but secretly, we’re all questioning why we aren’t bassist or guitarists who finish setting up their rig in five minutes or less.

Luckily, we have people like Tyler Freeman.  He invented DrumPants.  The first wearable drum set.

DrumPants are censored velcro strips that you can wear wherever and whenever.  Attach a pair of DrumPants to any part of your body and jam out.  There are 100+ sounds available including drums, percussion, piano and synths for whatever creative mood strikes.  The DrumPants can be projected through speakers or headphones, and there’s also a built in Bluetooth if you feel like using the censors for ignoring a call or as a controller for a video game.

DrumPants are a great outlet to practicing if you’re not around your kit.  Use it for an acoustic set, jamming with friends, or maybe during a long road trip when all that’s running through your mind is – one…TWO…three…FOUR…one…TWO…three…FOUR…

Check out the video below to see the future of drumming!


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