Review of Stereo Total’s Cactus Versus Brezel

Françoise Cactus of Stereo Total

After thirteen albums and roughly twenty years together, it would make sense if the duo of Francoise Cactus and Brezel Goring were actually at odds as suggested by new Stereo Total’s latest album title. Yet, Cactus Versus Brezel is just as upbeat and playful as anything Stereo Total has ever released with only a few songs veering into minor key territory. Furthermore, Cactus’ perky drumbeats and pouty voice remain a perfect complement for Goring’s synths which seem to be permanently set on “1985.” Cactus Versus Brezel ends out of character on a plodding down-tempo number, “We Don’t Wanna Dance,” where Cactus pooh-poohs the dance music in discotheques and states that she’d rather stay in bed. Yet, it’s a fair assessment only because there isn’t much dance music out there with the level of spunk and caffeine that they inject into their songs.

Listen to this: When you’re on a sugar high and just want to pogo around.

— Valerie Paschall

Cactus Versus Brezel was released by Kill Rock Stars in April 2013.


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