Doble Pletina’s New Music Video Terco

Doble Pletina Cati Bestard Best Woman Drummer Barcelona Spain

This is the newest music video for the incredible Barcelona based band Doble Pletina for their single of our upcoming album “De Lo Concreto a Lo General.” The song is called “Terco,” which means stubborn and the video plays with the idea of someone that doesn’t want to change her mind and feels apart from the rest of the crew. It was shot in Arenys de l’Empordà, a really small town in the North of Catalunya, Spain. The director, Sergi Pérez, came up with the concept of a conflict between the band because of someone being really stubborn and then something magical happens.

We asked their drummer Cati Bestard for tips on being in music videos and she said: I didn’t know I was going to appear that much on the video and I didn’t know that I had to act. The director trained me so I could look angry and disgusted with my band. So I would say, let the director do their work and be relaxed and open and to get into the character.


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