Colleen Green’s Sock It To Me


When a record is equal parts 60s girl gang, 90s hazy, slurry rock, 80s club anthem, with dizzying drum tracks, it’s hard not to listen. Colleen Green’s Sock It To Me has critical elements of indie icons like Kittywinder and Tiger Trap, a swimmy pulse, and a hypnotic lure reminiscent of Pizzicato Five. There’s nothing robotic about her drum machine, steadily layered under glittery, filmy, electric pop loops and driving guitar chords as in “Taxi Driver.” Her spoken piece on “Every Boy Wants A Normal Girl” conjures “Leader of the Pack.”  This record throbs with conflicting movements, resonating ten songs for a personal dance party of air strikes, high kicks, and reluctant frowns.


Listen to this record: while thumbing through your illustration books surrounded by a decade of tape machines, each one queued to a different track from this album. Swirl in the shifts, and play connect the loops.


— Bonnie McAllister

Colleen Green’s Sock It To Me was released March 2013 from Hardly Art.

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