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In part of VEVO’s New Front, a lineup of six new original series, VEVO has introduced the series “You Play Like a Girl.” VEVO is moving from exclusively showing music videos and features of music artists to original content. This is an effort to expand VEVO’s viewership since the web is a more palatable medium for younger generations.

“[VEVO’s] music-centric originals will continue to give viewers exclusive access to their favorite artists but with a new focus on telling stories from the fans’ perspective,” said VEVO’s Vice President of Programming and Original Content, Scott Reich.

“You Play Like a Girl” is a series that follows Hole and Mötley Crue drummer, Samantha Maloney, as she goes across the country looking for female musical talent. The channel, which has 5,000+ subscribers and 1,600,000+ video views, has featured five female musicians. Each episode gives some background about the featured drummer followed by an interview. A jam session with Maloney and a gift to help support the goals of these aspiring musicians concludes the episode.

Out of the five girls that have been featured to date, Misia Vessio is the only drummer Maloney has visited in the series. Vessio is a 16-year-old drummer from Queens, New York who has been drumming since she was 8. Vessio is currently in a band with her brother and has overcome feats such as dealing with a speech impediment. With hopes to changes the world with her music, Vessio has joined the “Hit Like a Girl” contest. Although it is unclear whether or not VEVO plans to have more “You Play Like a Girl” episodes published, the series is a step in the right direction for VEVO in channeling a widening audience.

By Maggie Rivers

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