Nico Turner is Cat Power’s Percussionist

Nico Turner has been playing percussion with Cat Power for the last few months to support the release of Sun, last Chan Marshall’s album. We asked her about that experience and her future plans.

How would you describe the experience of touring with Cat Power?
It has been fantastic. Every day we wake up and are excited to see everyone. We’ve all been working really hard too, which is inspiring, to be a part of a team, part of a family, and know everyone around is giving 299% and doing their absolute best… It’s exciting.

Tell me an anecdote or special moment that you have had during the tour.
One late night, I can’t remember what city we were in, but we had a bit of a drive ahead of us. We all piled into the bus and somehow Gregg (Foreman) started a dance party. Imagine, a bus hurdling down a highway late into the night and inside it 7 people are triumphantly raising their fists and singing (more like yelling) the lyrics to songs like “Gloria” or (insert every great song title here).
Another moment I love is one of first shows in Ithica, NY. Chan went down into the audience, house lights on, and handed people flowers while the band riffed on “ramblin’ woman” the audience was so happy and gracious and we just played. It was definitely a moment worth smiling for. Could have stayed there all night.

What drum kit have you been using?
C&C drum co. graciously helped us out with a custom black matte with gold trim kit. Alianna (Kalaba) is playing a full kit, while I have a stand up set up with a snare, floor Tom, Dream splash cymbal and I’m also triggering samples from our Alessis drum pad In a set up that was inspired by friends of mine, a fantastic band called EXITMUSIC.

What are your plans for next year?
Plans for next year are hopefully more touring. I’d like to finally settle into a place of my own. Recording new music is definitely on the horizon. I’m planning on molding a general burst of creative ideas.

Recommend us some music that you are listening to these days…
I’m always listening to old hip hop and blues rock. But a good friend has turned me on to Wild Nothing, and I’ve also been listening to Suicide (Mr. Pharmacist’s influence), Avan Lava, Sister Crayon has a new EP coming out that is on repeat right now. I got Chelsea Wolfe’s ‘Unknown Rooms: A collection of Acoustic Songs’ at the beginning of tour and can’t get enough of it.

Photo by Nico Turner
Interview by Cati Bestard

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