MoMA PS1 & Artbook Oral History of Female Drummers


Tom Tom Magazine was invited by MoMA PS1 and Artbook to perform the Oral History of Female Drummers presented by Mindy Abovitz. A live drum performance spread throughout MoMA PS1’s floors engaging in a call and response with one another. The beats were passed along from drummer to drummer via a beatboxer, Ashley “Say Wut?!” Moyer, who visited each woman and re-interpreted her respective beat. The performers play on painted drum heads with sticks by the artist Itta. With each strike on the drum head they are chipped away at their own histories.



Performers include Tom Tom Magazine founder/editor Mindy Abovitz, and musicians Kristin Mueller (of The Caulfield Sisters, Lucinda Black Bear, Christy & Emily) and Sean Desiree (of Bell’s Roar), Chloe Saavedra (Chaos Chaos, Smoosh), and award winning beatboxer Ashley “Say Wut?!” Moyer.

Drummers and Locations:

The Pit: Mindy Abovitz

Boiler Room: Kate Ryan

Lobby: Kristin Mueller

Stairway E: Chloe Saavedra

Stairway B: Linnea Lamon

Stairway B: Sean Desiree

Conference Room across from the Turrell Room: Kiran Gandhi

Beatboxer Ashely “Say Wut?!” Moyer: traveled throughout the piece

Thank you to everyone at MoMA PS1, Artbook, Skuta, Julie, Allie, Alex, Mike, Rebecca, all the drummers, Teale Failla, Brad Heck.

These amazing photos taken by Brad Heck.

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