Hooray for Drums Drum Tat

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Obviously we love female drummers. We also love ladies with drum tattoos. And Emile happens to be BOTH and female drummer AND has a sweet drum tattoo. WHAT?!??! Here is why she got this tattoo.

“Well, my partner Jet and I wanted to get toast tattoos because of our mutual love of toast. We discovered the “Mr. Toast” character by Dan Goodsell and loved the style. We each picked a drawing from the hundreds of original and fan art pieces. Mine is a part of a full piece called “Hooray for Drums!” where Mr. Toast and Joe the Egg are jumping on kick drums like trampolines. The tattoo was done by Maytee Bringas at Sunset Tattoo Parlour.

Name: Emile Blair Milgrim

Age: 30

Hometown: Miami, FL

Lives In: Miami, FL

Past Bands: National Cinema, Sleeper Hits

Current Bands: Mask Era, Quarter Horses

Fav Venue: Churchill’s Pub

Fav Food: Pizza & beer



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