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Hi Hat Girls is a magazine about Brazilian female drummers. They are going to release their second issue soon. We talked with one of the founders, the drummer Fernanda Terra, about it.

Where did the idea of starting a magazine focused on female drummers came from?
Julie Sousa had the idea to do the magazine but she needed collaborators to implement it and I offered to be the designer.

What have you learned since the beginning of the project?
The first thing was the way to develop a magazine together; I’ve never done it before and it’s so amazing! It was very cool to read the testimonies of other drummers and see how girls struggle with prejudice. I always had support at home but one of the girls had grown up playing softly in shame because her father said that drums is a male instrument.

What has been the reaction to your magazine?
The magazine has been getting a lot of praise, and people are very anxious for the next edition. The female drummers are also very grateful for the recognition of their work.

How would you describe Brazilian female drummers?
Well, to be a woman who plays drums in Brazil you need personality, resilience and will power. If you treat the drums like a profession then you need to have a lot of courage.

Do you think there is a difference between male and female drummers?
There is no difference in gender. The way of drumming, your style and such is the difference.

What will we find in the second issue of Hi Hat Girls Mag?
In January, I’m going to participate in Girls Rock Camp and I’ll probably write something about this event and the female drummers who will get involved with it. You will also find a “Crucified Barbara” interview and we will talk about the “Girls on Drums” event that we recently had in São Paulo and more.

Interview by Cati Bestard

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