Grado Prestige Series Model SR325is

Grado Prestige Series Model SR325is

The good, the bad, and the ugly

The Good: These Grados have an awesome steampunk vibe – very Buck Rogers, late 1920s sci-fi feel. They have a nice heft to them and they look like they were made by real engineers. The cables are nice and sturdy – as is the overall feel. These are James Bond headphones. The sound is pretty awesome as well – although not quite as good as the wooden Grados, which border on being beautiful acoustic instruments crafted by wizard-like artisans.

The Bad: If you’re not into that retro thing, that analog tape thing, the I love my obscure vinyl Ghost World thing, then you may not like these very much.

The Ugly: Don’t expect sound cancellation, cool LED lights, lots of accessories, or pictures of pink skulls. These are classic, old school, and happily divorced from modernisms.

The Bottom Line: Grado is an awesome company that makes sweet headphones that are full of vibe and soul. If you don’t get this model you owe it to yourself to get one of Grado’s other models – they rock.

 By Rony Abovitz (The Big Bro)


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