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Crushed-Out Tom Tom Magazine Moselle Spliller Best Girl Drummer

CRUSHED OUT is a two piece guitar/drum assault coming straight out of Brooklyn.  The band consists of Frank Hoier and Moselle Spiller. You may remember Moselle’s artwork in some of our print magazines and from when we talked to her back in 201o when she was in Boom Chick. They are still the wonderful combination of heavy guitar, drums, and wild vocals that signifies rock n’ roll at its purest.  It is raw, beautiful, and a visceral attack to the senses.  These two have a great sense of melody and groove.  The band perfectly blends elements of surf, country, garage, and honest rock n’ roll to create a sound that is both familiar and fresh.  These two create songs with no pretense; just bare bones, non-apologetic rocking songs with attitude and energy.  This time Moselle talks to us about CRUSHED OUT’s new LP “Want To Give”, the history of the band, her gear, and a bit about the touring life.

Crushed-Out Tom Tom Magazine Moselle Spliller Best Girl Drummer

Age: 28

Location: Over 40 states and counting. Touring America for the past year.

Tom Tom Magazine: How long have you been playing drums? Moselle Spiller: Since the summer of 2007.

Briefly describe the history of the band.  Why did you change the name from Boom Chick to CRUSHED OUT? 

The band formed after Frank (guitar player) began to teach me drums throughout 2008. We jammed in our tiny apartment over bottles of Charles Shaw. Soon we were invited to perform at loft parties in our neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn and within weeks we had named the band and were playing local shows. We changed the name this past summer 2012 because another act on the West Coast had previously been using a similar name to Boom Chick, and so we took the opportunity to re-brand. Crushed Out has a lot of meaning for us. Crushed Out’ is 1920’s slang for busting out of jail. Visually we see waves crushing rocks out into sand, the cycle of life and the power of nature. We also dig that Crushed Out means to be head over heels in love with something or someone.

Are there any past bands you have been a part of before?  

No. I have only ever played with Frank as our band. I’ve always had a fantasy of being in an all girl band tho!

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Could you talk a little bit about the recording process for your new LP Want To Give?  I read that you recorded it in Brooklyn as well as in your own analog studio in a New Hampshire barn.  Now, as a loser from Southern California who has never seen a barn in his life, this sounds very cool to me and I would love to hear a little more about this and why this decision was made. 

We moved out of NYC the summer of 2011 because we had just decided to start touring the US hard so there was no need to keep our high-priced Brooklyn apt. My parents live in NH, so we went there for 2 months to set up our studio and finish our album in a barn owned by some family friends. It was great to be as loud as we wanted, and have the hay doors kicked open with the clean country air. We recorded with a simple 1/2″ tap machine, 16 track mixing board and a few good vintage mics. Very old school, but that’s how we kick it.

Now, your drumming in CRUSHED OUT is very true to the spirit of rock n’ roll and surf music.  The country elements are also very evident.  Is this specifically the music you grew up listening to and are moved by?  
It’s not the music I grew up with, but its certainly the music that moves me and that I have come love in the last few years. I grew up with top 40 radio and 90’s MTV news. I got into early American rock & roll through Frank.

What are some of your favorite bands/ artists that you usually go to and find inspiration from?  

Link Wray, Bo Diddley, Budy Holly. TRex, David Bowie, Queen. I have a big range of likes….I just like good music.  I don’t usually listen to music to study it technically…I just enjoy the vibes.

Who are some of your favorite drummers?
Frank Kirkland (full drums) and Jerome Green (maracas) in Bo Diddley’s band
Their feel is instinctual, joyous, primal.

Are there any bands/artists/genre that you are really into (maybe even get inspired by) which you think would probably surprise your audience?

OMG I love Foxy Shazam! They are ridiculous “soul glam power pop”.

What are some recent bands you are into and think we should pay attention to?

I just met a fantastic duo (girl on guitar, guy on drums) called Bruiser Queen from St. Louis MO. The gals vocals are to die for.

Are there any other female drummers you want to take this time and shine the light on?

Sara Romweber of The Dex Romweber Duo. She’s a legend!

Now, you also worked as a freelance graphic artist and do all of CRUSHED OUT’s artwork.  How would you describe your art style?  Does the music dictate where you take the visuals? Or do the two go hand in hand?  

I suppose you could call my visual style “psychedelic girly folk punk”. The music and art go hand in hand because it is just us being ourselves.
I have been very influenced by Aquirax Uno, early Peter Max, and my mother and her siblings who are all accomplished artists from the 60-70’s. Deborah, John, Joy, Karen Strohbeen.


Now back to drums for a moment.  What is the set-up you play on right now?

I have a late 70’s black Ludgwig vistalite. 24″ kick, 18″ floor tom. A new Slingerland snare. One 16″  crash and one 20″ ride. Super simple!

What is some of your favorite gear?

I usually always prefer vintage, but I have a brand new pair of Dream brand high hat cymbals that rule.

Now, your music cries out to be danced to.  I envision a nice sweaty rock show when I hear your music.   How are CRUSHED OUT’S live shows received?   

Sometimes in the big cities you get a crowd that acts very cerebral and serious and the dancing is hard to coax out. Generally once you get a few instigators to come up front and shake around and it becomes infectious. Depending on where you are in America the shows have varying degrees of sweatiness. I’ve seen the most dancing in the ski resort towns of the West, and the honkytonks of the deep South.

An extension of that last question; where are your favorite cities to play?  What are some of your favorite venues?  And where have you felt you have had the best audiences?  
Denver, Eugene, Savannah, Los Angeles, Richmond, Tampa, Chicago…we have really been everywhere. That’s hard because I don’t want to leave anybody out!

And I know you just released Want to Give and are currently touring behind it, but are there any future plans for CRUSHED OUT?  What is on the horizon for the band? 
We are going to continue to rock the daylights of out America and produce records our own way, so that when we are old and look back at our career we know we gave it all of our heart.

And are there any final words you would like to pass on to young drummers or even drummers who just want to take their playing to the next level?  Recommendations?  Words of wisdom?  

My approach has been to drum the way my body naturally wants to move to music when I am really turned on and happy. I have never taken a technical drum lesson (although I’m not opposed to it.) I know in our last Tom Tom interview I said “if you can dance you can drum” and i’m sticking to it 🙂

|| Interview by Anthony Lozano


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