The Colourist: A Day in the Studio

Indie pop band The Colourist are currently writing and recording some new songs with producer Carlos De La Garza in preparation for a release next year. Drummer Maya Tuttle talks about her first days in Sunset Sound studio, California.

“Monday was drum tracking day, so we hit up the beautiful Sunset Sound studios. It’s a great feeling to be able to focus on drums; when we play live, I’m usually singing over most of my drumming, so sometimes I feel like my hands and feet go on autopilot in a way–but not today!

We tracked two sets of drums per song in two different-sized rooms: I played a massive solid-shell Craviotto (with an 80s era rosewood Tama snare) in the big room and a tighter, more “vibe-y” DW jazz kit in the small room. If I were to compare the playability of these kits to cars, the Craviotto felt like a cushy Cadillac and the jazz kit felt like 1989 Nissan without power steering. I kicked off my shoes (I feel like a lot of drummers prefer to go barefoot, no?) and got ready for a long haul. Needless to say, tracking two kits takes twice as long. The effort, however, was totally worth it as we’ve now got a variety of sonic options for the mix. We’re now continuing tracking at Music Friends Studios in Eagle Rock.”

The Colourist will be playing some of the news songs December 6th at the Constellation Room

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