Ilana Di Marco Slays


Illan Di Marco Tom Tom Magazine Amazing Girl Drummer

Ilana is in her teens and has been playing for 7 years. We saw her slay the drums this year at Guitar Center’s Drum Off 2012 in NYC and had to talk to her.

Tom Tom Magazine: How long have you been playing the drums?
Illana: I have been playing guitar since I was four and I was at one of my guitar lessons and thought about how cool it’d be to play drums as well. So I did! One time I was playing a drum cover and recording it as well and my stick hit the cymbal and flew out of my hands and flew back at me and hit me in the face. It was the strangest thing ever and I was so confused how it happened. The video is hilarious!

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<p>TTM: Why the drums?</p>
<p>Illana: I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum (literally.) I grew up skateboarding, playing drums, guitar, and piano. I grew up loving action figures and The Munsters and Dracula unlike many girls my age. Also, my drum playing reflects that. My drum playing and style shows my weirdness and love for different types of music ranging from, alternative rock to pop punk, to pop rock, to indie folk, to indie rock. I’m very unique when it comes to my playing and also myself as a person.</p>
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