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Lavinia Slaughter Beatmaker Woman Tom Tom Magazine

“I typically use Logic and Duet 2 and my Korg rhythm 55 when writing beats. I also really dig Dre’s Beatbox,” says Lauren a.k.a. Lavinia Slaughter. She has her own process where she does all her own beats and demos them herself. Then she hires studio musicians at her direction to lay down the final tracks. YES! She also is fluent in Universal Mind Control and works with the drummer Norm Block.

After taking a two month break to rehearse and write, Lavinia Slaughter are back in the studio recording their second EP due out this Winter. The debut single “Sinner” elopes classic death-rock with witchy torchsong balladry and reaches a surprise climax of pure pop. Hear “Sinner” HERE (Private Souncloud)

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