Band of One: Sera Cahoone

Best Woman Drummer Tom Tom Magazine Sera CahooneHave you heard of Sera Cahoone? She used to drum for Band of Horses and is now drumming all over her new album Deer Creek Canyon on Sub Pop.

We asked her about her gear set up. Here’s what she said.

“I am due for a new set. I have had a DW jazz kit since I was 17.  It’s a great little set but it’s time for me to change it up soon. It’s a 20″ kick with a 12″ rack and 14″ floor. All of my cymbals are Zildjian K ‘s.”

Name: Sera Cahoone
Age: 37
Hometown: Littleton,Co.
Lives in: Seattle Wa
Past Bands: Patrick Park, Carissa’s Wierd, Band Of Horses.
Current Bands: Sera Cahoone. Betsy Olson
Day job: Music
Fav Food: Pickles.

She will be touring this fall into 2013 to support the album. Read her bio here:


Photos by Hilary Harris

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