Thursday Gear Review: Gibraltar Hardware

Gibraltar has just released a new hardware feature called, the Swing Nut. The Swing Nut was made to allow for a quicker removal of cymbals attached to stands. Pushing down on the spring-loaded tilter activates the device. From there, just turn the swing nut into the release or lock position. The only thing you have to remove is the felt, and you are good to go. This is an excellent option for a drummer on the road, also, for a backline house kit. Having the ability to quickly change cymbals makes it much easier to share gear, and the stage with other bands. The only issue I spotted with the Swing Nut was that it could only tighten so far, and the tightest setting still allowed a lot of cymbal movement. This could be an issue for some drummers. Here are a few of the stands I got to check out:

swing nut_ gibraltar_ Tom Tom Magazine_ female drummers

Boom Stand w/ Swing Nut
This is a standard boom stand that features the Swing Nut. I am a huge fan of Gibraltar Hardware in general of the amazing durability, and memory locking systems they use on all of their stands. This one is no exception. It is a medium weight boom, with two memory locks along the straight extension. This allows for easy set up; after you break it down to take to your next gig. The bottom tripod has rounded rubber grips for a solid base. The boom arm can be broken down into the stand, and used straight as well. The Swing Nut adds just another awesome feature to this stand, fast cymbal removal.

Boom Stand_ Gibraltar_ Tom Tom Magazine_ female drummers


– Steph Barker

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