Thursday Gear Review: Evans G14 Coated Heads

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Evans G14 Coated Heads

12”, 14”, 16”

The new Evans G14 Coated skin is an excellent edition to string of heads that Evans offers. This head takes the best qualities from the G2 Coated and G1 Coated, and creates the G14 Coated. It is 1ply, 14mil thick, made from premium quality film. Since the industry standard has is 10 mil thick for a 1 ply head, the G14 is extremely durable. This allows it to have a stronger attack similar to the G2, but still allow a beautiful tone, and sustain similar to the G1. This head also falls on the brighter end of the spectrum, but not quite as bright as the G1. In all three of the above sizes, each drum was allowed to breath, and resonate a very warm tone. If you want less warmth, and a bit more of an aggressive pop, try the clear version. I think Evans may have just created a new industry standard with the G14 Coated series.

-Steph Barker

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