Rebel On The Underground- A Tribute to X-Ray Spex

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Various Artists
Rebel On The Underground — A Tribute to X-Ray Spex
Permanent Wave
April 2012

Upon learning of Poly Styrene’s early death to breast cancer last year, the feminist collective Permanent Wave rallied to put out this compilation that benefits Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, an organization that helps musicians with healthcare.

While some songs are pop in nature, it is surely not a pop album. Drums get loud, ladies get loud, and a little frightening. The screams and cymbals of Delta Hotel turn punk into emotion on “Germ Free Adolescents,” which sounds more vintage than the original — a success in itself. In my personal favorite, “Oh Bondage Up Yours,” from Titus Andronicus, Amy Klein’s vocals offer the same proclamation that rings now just as it did over 30 years ago . Let’s thank WOJCIK for setting in our nostalgia and Vonesper for tying the knot to shore with authentic punk. Rebel On The Underground is an extremely fun and powerful album that keeps the spirit of Poly Styrene alive.

Listen to this: With much respect and love.

—   Attia Taylor

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