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After featuring her in our Issue 10, we caught up with Lux after her 5 week tour across the US with Nekromantix. Next up she’s got a few shows around the world with Nekromantix, from Mexico to Australia! Then she’s hitting up France to hold some drum clinics. Check out her dates here.

What was the best part of tour?
The best part of tour for me was performing and playing drums just about every night. My fans are also a HUGE part of it. I love meeting fans who I’ve talked to online in person, that’s always rad!

What was the most difficult part of tour?
The most difficult part of this tour was the frequent mechanical problems we had with our bus. During one of our longer drives we broke down on the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere, Wyoming. We couldn’t walk anywhere to get food, couldn’t call a taxi, and not even the closest pizza places would deliver to us! It was hot and we had no AC. We were stranded for a full 24 hours until a local parts store delivered our parts to us and our driver, who also happens to be a mechanic, fixed us up and got us running again. Bus problems happen to every touring band sooner or later, we just gotta stick through it.

What is your advice for a drummer heading out on tour?
My advice for a drummer who’s heading out on tour is this: practice drumming and get your endurance up weeks before the tour, opt for healthy meals while on the road (it can be done :)), stretch and warm up before each show, and play your heart out! The time we invest in something we never get back so remember to have fun and enjoy it!

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