Monday Music Review: Sabrina Chap

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Sabrina Chap
We Are The Parade
ERT Records
July 2012

We Are The Parade is Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter/vaudeville performer Sabrina Chap’s second album. Enhanced with bright strings, brass and the raucous Lee Free on drums, the full band buoys Chap’s intimate, witty songwriting.

“Fly Away” stands out, featuring summery guitar and horns. So does the sweet, strings-heavy waltz “’Til it All Stops,” in which Chap’s lyric “I’ll sit with you through the tik tok’s, in the rain drops,” shines.

The album is a confident, messy, happy mix, best showcased in the title track/gay marriage anthem “We Are The Parade.” From the grittiness of subject and lyric (“I love the fuck and the fight”) to the loose, joyful sing-along chorus, it has all the edge, personality and charm of Chap and her songwriting.

Listen to this: When you need a motivational soundtrack to get active; personally, publicly, or politically.

— Jo Schornikow

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