Monday Music Review: Liphemra’s Debut Single “Young”

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“Young” is the debut single from the forthcoming EP by Liphemra. Subtle ambient noises and slow churning guitars set the tone. Drums add a beautiful build-up. Then, the vocals creep in and the result is a mantra that evokes a strong sense of urgency. The vocals repeat in a steady rhythm, “Come on, alright, let’s go…gotta work a little harder/ get up, alright c’mon…gotta go a little farther”. Just when you think you have the song all figured out, the second half is set off by a furious hi-hat snap. Where the first half screams urgency, the second half adds a layer of anger and defiance into the mix. Vocals repeat, “When we were young, when we were young, our parents always told us life would be no fun”. These are sentiments that are strangely familiar and very well have the potential to strike a nerve with anyone who hears it. Lyrically, the song acts as a type of rallying call; a tribal chant of sorts. Musically, the ambient sounds are balanced out by the beautiful and fierce backbeats. This is a wonderfully crafted song and if this song is any indication of what Liphemra’s EP has in store, then get ready. Liphemra is going to explore the light and the dark fighting to coexist and the message will be conveyed through fantastic sounds and great songwriting.
young drums_ Liphemra_ tom tom magazine

– Anthony Lozano
Illustration by Minka Sicklinger

Transcription by Liv Marsico



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