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The first Cosmonauts gig I saw was in Santa Barbara, CA in support of The Black Angels.  They arrived about 20 minutes before their set was to start and methodically they went about setting up their gear in the tiny space that they had.  I noticed the petite blond gal as she tried to set up her drum kit in the itty-bitty corner that they pointer her too.  I thought, wow . . . that is a small space for her.  Soon the set got underway and the Cosmonauts sound quickly roared through the venue like huge wave of sound.  The drummer pounded out a tribal style beat on her bass drum and slowly the bass drum began to inch away from her.  I watched, wondering how she was going to deal with this.  And she kept on kicking the drum, with a “take that” kind of attitude.  The drum continued to move away from her and she just stretched her leg and kept on.  Several people in the audience noticed and finally the guitarist turned around and scooted the escaping bass drum back into place.  She still never missed a beat, or lost concentration. And the first thought that popped into my head was, “I’ve gotta interview this girl!”

Age: 23

Hometown: Anaheim, CA

Lives In: Fullerton, CA

Past Bands:

Current Bands: COSMONAUTS

Day Job: Slave at a clothing store

Currently Reading: Archie comics

Cosmonauts Tom Tom Magazine Amazing Girl Drummer

Tell us how the Cosmonauts came to be and how did you get involved? (i.e.; when did the band form, where did it originate from? have you been in the band since the beginning etc?) Cosmonauts have been around for a couple years but I just joined in January of this year.  I’m their fourth drummer… but the fourth time is the charm, I guess.

How would you describe the Cosmonauts sound?


Why did you want to play drums?

When I was little I would always watch Beatles videos and I thought Ringo was so rad. He always looked like he was just having the time of his life playing the drums super smiley and boppin’ his head so I thought to myself, “Oh that looks fun, I should try that.”

How old were you when you first started to play and when did you get your first drum kit?

When I was nine my older brother’s band would practice at our house and the drummer would leave his drums at our house, so whenever they weren’t around I would sneak into my brothers room and have a go on the drums. I’m sure it sounded so bad but in my mind I was the greatest. Ha! My poor mother.  I got my own drum kit in high school which was a really crappy Sunlite, when I started my first band. It was an all girl punk band and it was horrible!  To be honest I haven’t really played drums consistently until about 6 months ago.

Do you play any other instruments?

I used to play alto sax in my Junior High band.

Do you have a drummer or other musician who inspires your method of playing?  If so, what is it about their style that grabs you?

I’m obsessed with Keith Moon. I play nothing like him (maybe one day though, ha!).  But he is the greatest drummer ever.

What is your relationship like with your other band mates?

I love those guys.

Do your folks approve of your choice of career?

As long as I’m being productive and creating something and not just sitting on my ass being lazy they are cool with it.

What bands are you listening to a lot of these days?

The Velvet Underground, Love, The Who, Jesus and Mary Chain, and bands on Burger Records like Tomorrow’s Tulips, Audacity, Pangea, and Night Beats!

With the band in full tour mode right now, are there any cool shows coming up that you want to tell us about?

We just got back from tour but Friday May 18th is our record release show at Burger Records in Fullerton, CA with Tomorrow’s Tulips!

By Jenifer Ruano

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