Technique Tuesday: GROOVE 3/4 Over 4/4


Morgan Doctor_ Three Beat Figure_ Tom Tom Magazine_ women drummers

Three Beat Figure Over 4_4_ Morgan Doctor_ Tom Tom Magazine_ female drummers






This is a beat developed from a jazz line I learned from my teacher Jim Blackley.  I took the basic figure shown in Part 1, and filled it in on the toms. It is a pattern that goes over 3 beats, but the hi hat is keeping the 2 and 4 of the 4/4 time. So, your left foot is keeping 4/4, while your hands are doing 3/4. The figure is played in the right hand (between the snare and floor tom), and the rests are filled in with the left hand (on the rack tom). The beat has a nice swing to it, and later in the song I move the floor tom hits to the ride. The tricky part of the beat is that the figure (Part 1) doesn’t actually start until beat 2 of the first bar.


morgan doctorBy Morgan Doctor

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