Monday Music Review: Low Spin

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Low Spin
April 2011

With foreboding bass lines and astral synth chords, Vancouver’s Low Spin are three musicians exhibiting incredible potential yet shy away from fully transporting listeners to their lush, chaotic dreamscape. The lyrics express the passionate desperation so often present within the struggle of unrequited love. Initially erring on the side of generic, the coy Rene Botha doesn’t unleash her full vocal prowess until “37 Days,” more than halfway through the album. Most tracks are brief and end almost abruptly, but the powerful bridge in “Sense and Motion” satisfies. It comes as no surprise that Low Spin claims The Cure as an influence, but it is vital to emulate, not imitate. Although Low Spin is a group who is very much still finding their sound and is eager to soar beneath a set of still-damp wings, they are off to a stellar start.

Listen to this: After a hopeful OK Cupid date goes horribly wrong and you’re convinced you’ll die alone.

— Marisa Gumpert

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