Monday Music Review: Grass Widow

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Grass Widow

Internal Logic


May 2012


Since emerging from the Bay Area in 2009 with a self-titled EP, Grass Widow have been making an angular racket all their own.  The trio’s newest, Internal Logic deftly welds post-punk jangle onto a strong foundation of 60s psychadelia, accenting ragers like “Spock On MUNI” with surf-rock solos and hazy vocal harmonies.  Lillian Marning, Raven Mahon and Hannah Lew ably twist and turn their music all about, building danceable bits of distortion into full-on pop songs reminiscent of past tourmates The Raincoats.

Though the record bares traces of Grass Widow’s lo-fi past, they thankfully don’t wallow in cavernous production, instead allowing the record’s reverb accents to draw in and ensnare listeners, a sort of cozy, indie rock flytrap.  But you won’t mind getting eaten.  From the dreamy swing of “Under the Atmosphere” to “Whistling in the Dark” and its Cure-style atmospherics, this is the kind of record you can live in the belly of, and you’ll never get sick of it.

Listen to this: while burning copies of Vice Magazine with your friends.


-Rob Rubsam

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