Flea Puckett Roll It Ups! Enter for a chance to win!

Roll It Up_ Flea Puckett_ Tom Tom Magazine_ Female Drummer

 WINNER ANNOUNCED! Elizabeth Tran. Congrats. 

Hello there lovelies!

We are doing yet another giveaway! This time we are giving away two awesome Roll It Up bags by the ever crafty Flea Puckett! Keep your sticks snuggly warm and handy dandy in one of these unique, handmade bags. They hold up to 8 sets of sticks AND have an extra pocket from drum keys and other accessories! Essentially, a must have.

To enter simply profess your love for Tom Tom on our Facebook page and send us an email titled ‘Roll It Ups!’ at info@tomtommag.com! Easy peasy. Winners will be announced on August 1st, 2012. Plenty of time to participate! Looking forward to hearing from you all!

Love and drums,

Tom Tom Mag

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