Music Review: The Golden Bears

TheGoldenBears_ Write it like you find it_ woman drummer

The Golden Bears
Write It Like You Find It
Jealous Butcher Records
March 2012

The Golden Bears of Portland, OR is Julianna Bright (The Quails) who sings and plays drums, as her husband Seth Lorinczi (Corin Tucker Band, Circus Lupus) acts as a multi-instrumentalist. Their experienced musical knowledge is evident in their intriguing second album, which is heavily late 60s/early 70s influenced. Julianna carries her soft voice like Allan Clarke of The Hollies, to create a folk sound accompanied by classic rock drums and keyboard. The songs often give off a Glen Campbell country vibe, with an alternative twist. If you even mildly enjoy that general sound, you will adore this album.

Listen to this: on a prairie train ride in the 1970s, to a familiar and loving place you hope is in reach.

— Alyssa Holland

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