Music Review: Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island
January 2012

With its complex guitar melodies, and thunderous drumming, Magnetic Island’s self-titled album takes the Riot Grrrl sound of the 90s to greater heights by fusing punk and experimental rock. One of Indie rock’s best female guitarists, Lisa Liu also demonstrates the qualities of a brilliant composer.  Liu is a newcomer to the drums, yet played all of the percussion parts for the album, in addition to guitar, vocals, bass, and Rhodes piano. Liu’s drumming is clear and precise and complements every accent of the guitar and vocals. A sense of equilibrium reigns throughout the album as each instrument is arranged best to benefit the overall sound with bandmate SMV’s vocals and undercurrent melodies on the keyboard, making Magnetic Island a very well-composed albums that will surely be a contender for best of 2012.

Listen to this: during a power outage as a tropical storm rages outside.

By Nikkiesha N. McLeod

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