Music Review: Ani DiFranco

AniDiFranco_ Which side are you on?

Ani Difranco
¿Which Side Are You On?
Righteous Babe Records
January 2012

Between its consistent, walking-pace tempo, lack of dynamic extremes, and its slow jazz folk sound, ¿Which Side Are You On? is sonically pretty mellow, despite its intense titular demand. The Little Folksinger moved to New Orleans in 2003-ish, and the influence of the Big Easy is audible in her work. Lyrically, Difranco is as incisive as ever; the questions she asks about our government, how we treat each other, and how marriage, motherhood, and happiness have changed her aren’t easy. But as always she approaches contradiction and inner conflict with honesty, righteous anger, humor, and grace. The result is an inspiring portrait of an active and talented musician who also happens to be a grown ass woman.

Listen to this: while hosting a dinner party for your most awesomely aware and politically active friends.

— Jamie Varriale Vélez

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