Music Review: Riot Grrrl is Not Dead!


Various Artists
Riot Grrrl is Not Dead!
Curated by Riot Grrrl Berlin
January 2012

A long, effusive love letter to the house Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, Heavens to Betsy, and many other bands built, these bands’ stylistic and political influence is evident in the 50-plus songs and detailed liner notes. But homogenous, this compilation is not. The bands are from all over the Western world, and the songs range from guitar-driven garage-y fuzz to jangling pop to synth-laden electronica, motivated by anger, humor, and every emotion in between. Put together by Riot Grrrl Berlin, this compilation shows that young women musicians and artists are still working together in the name of punk feminism, and proves that riot grrrl is anything but dead.

Listen to this: while having a radical craft party with your feminist friends.

— Jamie Varriale Vélez

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