Music Review: Rae Spoon

RaeSpoon I Can't Keep All of Our Secrets

Rae Spoon
I Can’t Keep All of Our Secrets
Saved By Radio
January 2012

The elements of Rae Spoon comes to us in a neat package. I Can’t Keep All Of Our Secrets rides between melodramatic and spirited with pockets of intrigue — and a few secrets are actually revealed. It serves as the sixth full length album of the Montreal artist, featuring production work from Lynne T of Lesbians on Ecstasy and Alexandre Decoupigny. There are a few tricks up Rae’s sleeve, giving us a heavily programmed follow-up to the 2010 release, Love Is a Hunter. A true shift in focus is in effect because with the experience to back it up, the indie electronic album has consistency and emotional language. What this proves is that Rae Spoon has lived and is here to tell the story with true digital soul and a classic backdrop.

Listen to this: When your blues and joys intertwine.

— Attia Taylor

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