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NameG*LEE (Grace Lee)

Age Ageless

Hometown Raised in a lot of cities, but New York is my home.

Lives in NYC

Dj Moniker G*LEE. Liaison Femme

Remixes Cory Enemy & Mia Moretti ft. Caitlin Moe – So Beautiful (G*LEE & DJ M.O.S. Official Remix) 

Favorite Dj’s Nujabes. DJ AM. Mark Ronson. Wax Tailor. DFA. DJ Fatfingaz + all my friends.

“Be yourself, introduce your craft, people will believe in you and give you an opportunity to get a gig.”


10 tips on getting started as a DJ

1. Learn every logistical and technical function of your gear/equipment.

2. Solidify your “comfort zone” in what records you love.

3. Draft out ideas to see what songs can mix well together and at the same time don’t be afraid to take a risk and experiment.

4. Know your music and be open to every sound that comes your way.

5. Stay away from trapping to one style or genre of music.

6. Start off with proper set up, even if your budget is low – equipment is very important.

7. Start with turntables. These are the building blocks of DJ’ing.

8. Always have spare or double equipment for your gigs, small or big. Extra needles, slip mats, control vinyls, cartridges, and your hardware for your music.

9. Be open to using all types of different mixers, every venue has different set-up (they are usually Pioneer or Rane.)

10. Don’t try to be a DJ. If it’s meant to be it will find you.

G LEE Girl Dj Tom Tom Magazine Jayne Lies 

How to get the gig

The DJ industry is a staple to the nightlife scene and especially nowadays tie fairly with the record industry – in terms of touring for an artist, opening act, festivals, showcases, and etc. Thus, networking is an important aspect to getting a gig – no name-dropping though. Be yourself, introduce your craft, people will believe in you and give you an opportunity to get a gig. We live in a digital world where you can profile yourself in many ways from Twitter to Soundcloud. Believe in your work (mixes or even written playlists) and present it. People will catch on and just be prepared when you are offered the gig,

Who to introduce yourself to


How to dress to your gig

Dress as you would in part of your artistry or just in your own style, no need to push yourself to get attention because you’re sound and style as a DJ is the highlight.

What to bring to your gig

Depends if your a CDJ user or turntable, or both. Whatever you are comfortable performing with. I am a turntable DJ for life. I always bring the must – my needles, extra headshell, custom slip mat (rubber or felt), custom control vinyls (usually Serato or Shibuya), headphones, spare input adapter for headphones, spare needles, my Serato box. If I have a major gig, I also try and bring my MPC Akai and a live drummer.

G LEE Girl Dj Tom Tom Magazine Jayne Lies



G*LEE for Society Original Products from Adrian on Vimeo.

Photos for Tom Tom Magazine  by Jayne Lies

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