Music Review: Trust

TRUST band woman drummer TRST

Arts & Crafts Records
February 2012

After nearly two years of touring with the likes of Glass Candy and Hercules & Love Affair, sporadically dropping singles along the way,  Austra’s Maya Postepski and Robert Alfons, the duo behind Trust, are giving us an album. This full length includes their 7” singles like “Candy Walls,” feels a little witch house stale, but “Sulk” and “Bulbform” prove them worthy of a second glance. These songs dive into mesmerizing cold wave, and pulsing dance beats melted only by the warmer house-swaggered synths. Alfons’ voice slides between spooked out falsetto and numbed-down baritone with ease, through dense wobbled-out pitches and a bath of arpeggios, making this album near addictive.

Listen to this: while sweating it out slow motion on the dance floor.

— Anika Sabin

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