Scars Heal in Time: Tayler Smith

Tom Tom Magazine Scars Heal In Time Best Girl Drummer Barry Dolton Tayler Smith

Name Tayler Smith

Age  13

Hometown  Houston, Texas

Lives In  Houston, Texas

Past Bands   None


Fave Subject in School Homeschooled

What I wanna be when I grow up I will still be drumming in The Scars Heal In Time

Tom Tom Magazine Scars Heal In Time Best Girl Drummer Barry Dolton Tayler Smith

Tayler Smith is a rocker chick if you’ve ever seen one. The girl oozes style, edge and rock ‘n roll. At the ripe old age of 13, she counts Tommy Lee, Travis Barker, Debbi Peterson, Roxy Petrucci and Sandy West as inspiration and idols for her kick ass drumming style. While she’s taken a few lessons, she considers herself to be a self-taught drummer. She loves all kinds of music but credits bands such as Nirvana and The Runaways for pushing her towards playing music. Her band is called The Scars Heal In Time (or The S.H.I.T for short, genius I know) and consists of her and her sister Kayla. While they fight every now and then, Tayler describes the overall experience of being in a band with her sister as ‘freaking awesome.’ They’ve got a great relationship where they can be totally honest with each other about their music. Kayla does most of the song writing, but turns to Tayler when she gets stuck. When asked if she feels as if they are part of a music scene, she says that the band is definitely working it’s way in there. ‘Generally, musicians are skeptical. But, after they see us play, we usually become friends and support each other,’ she says. These sisters win over crowds and fellow musicians with their talent and rockin’ style, and with every gig their following grows. Don’t forget to check these girls out on YouTube and Facebook to see what they can do!

Tom Tom Magazine Scars Heal In Time Best Girl Drummer Barry Dolton Tayler Smith
Tom Tom Magazine: Favorite piece of the kit?
Tayler Smith: The snare cause it’s the loudest!

Your age when you started playing / your age now?
I took my first lesson when I was 10 but I wasn’t serious about the drums until I was 12 and we started the band.

What album do you have on rotation right now?
Hole by One-Eyed Doll.

Favorite thing about playing drums?
No matter how mad or pissed off I get I can just go to my kit and drum it out.

If you weren’t drumming you would be ….
A Lobotomist or a photographer.


1-Fit For Rivals “Damage”
2-The Runaways “Cherry Bomb”
3-One-Eyed Doll “Nudie Bar”
4-Skillet “Awake and Alive”
5-Nirvana “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
6-Otep “Confrontation”
7-Kittie “Cut Throat”
8-Marilyn Manson “If I Was Your Vampire”
9-Otep “Breed”(Nirvana Cover)
10-Kimberly Freeman “Float Away”

 Photos by Barry Dolton

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