Book Review: Violence Girl


By Alice Bag

Feral House | October 2011


Mix together glam rock, sex, rage, family bonds, luche libre, and some stage lights and you’ll get Alice Bag (née Alicia Armendariz). Bag emerged from her tumultuous adolescence straight into the emerging L.A. punk scene. The love and violence she experienced growing up made her completely at ease with her new punk family.  In this realistically complex memoir, you’ll find detailed accounts of Bag’s experiences with her own bands which include The Bags and Castration Squad, as well as her friends’ bands: the Germs, the Weirdos, the Go-Go’s and many others in the scene. (There’s even a photo of Sid Vicious writhing on the stage as The Bags perform in San Francisco.) Anyone interested in the origins of L.A. punk should definitely pick this up.

— Rebecca DeRosa

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