Isla: Constellations

Isla Constellations Tom Tom Magazine Music Review Girl Drummer



Floating Island Music Limited | October 2011

On first listen, Isla sounds like this generation’s answer to The Corrs: a group of sisters (in this case three from the U.K.) with preternaturally perfect harmonies creating pop songs that seem tailor-made for the soundtracks of romantic comedies and prime time dramas. However, the wealth of musical influences reveals itself over the course of this EP.


The two older Harding sisters, Emily and Charlotte, studied music extensively in college, which is apparent in their pristine arrangements. The hollow deep percussion on “Run For You” sounds like it could have come either from Emily’s kit or her djembe. Charlotte pulls out her tenor saxophone during “Defences,” making the EP’s final track a jazzy conclusion.


Listen to this: Before turning on your favorite HBO drama. — Valerie Paschall

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