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I first met Shiori Takenoshita back in college. We both attended Berklee and happened to be playing drums at the same performance. Needless to say, she tore it up. A few years later, after I moved to NYC, I was introduced to a band called, Cultfever. I had no idea Shiori was their drummer, but was pleasantly surprised to see her play again. This time, we actually met with a handshake (I may have lied in the beginning, you know, about actually meeting. I didn’t want to make it seem like I was just scoping out the chops of another girl drummer at Berklee, whoops.)

Shiori is a phenomenal drummer who grew up in Japan. She compliments the music of Cultfever by adding that spark of live drums over programmed tracks. The art of playing with a track is often overlooked while it is actually a very difficult task. Never straying in time, and also interacting with the live setting you are performing in are some of the challenges. Shiori manages to do this effortlessly, and with one of the strongest kick drum hits I have heard. She is also an extremely awesome human being. Here are just a few questions I asked her about her playing. Check back as I am sure we will be talking to Shiori more, and get your hands on the latest issue of the mag (#8) for a review of CultFever’s debut album.  

Tom Tom Magazine_Woman Drummer_CultFever

Tom Tom Magazine: How does playing with tracks compare to playing without them, in a band setting? Shiori Takenoshita: They are completely different things. You can totally change the feel, and forms without tracks. Playing with tracks requires you to play perfectly in time, and remember all the forms of the specific arrangements.

What program/s do you use? ProTools 9

How do you keep your headphone chord from getting tangled while you play? Umm…

What do you absolutely have to bring to a gig, even if there is a full back-line available? My snare, cymbals, laptop, mini mixer, and headphones

What’s your favorite late night food stop after a gig? M Noodle Shop!

Cultfever currently performs in NYC.

Intro Photo by Rafael Shimunov 

Interview by Steph BarkerSteph Barker is Tom Tom’s Tech Editor and a drummer that performs regularly in and around NYC. She is a graduate from Berklee College of Music with a degree in Music Performance: Drum Set. Catch her playing with, MRS DANVERS, Allison Weiss, and many others. She is also available to teach lessons in NYC, and can be contacted via email through her website.

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