Brute Heart’s Lonely Hunter

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Brute Heart

Lonely Hunter

Soft Abuse | June 2011

Listening to Lonely Hunter, Brute Heart’s gorgeous follow-up record to Brass Beads, is a bit like being passed a poem after a lifetime of ink-stained teenage love notes. There’s a refreshing intention to every note without sounding overproduced; and there is an eloquence and restraint without disrupting their marks of post-punk that give them so much heart. Since the trio’s inception, Brute Heart has proven its sound to be wise beyond it’s years. Take the album’s opening song “Eclipse” a piece that wakes slowly and deliberately, tethering plucked violas and commanding percussion, eventually laying the groundwork for an entire album embellished in well-crafted composition and moody Midwestern atmosphere.


Listen to this:  On a winter drive through your hometown. — Anika Sabin

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