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Latrisha Redmon is a native of Louisville, KY. At the age of two, she and her family moved to Birmingham, AL. Both her father and mother are musicians and singers, which in turn, placed the same musical DNA in their children. Latrisha, being the baby of nine, watched her siblings sing and play instruments, while the drums fascinated her.

She would watch her eldest brother play the drums Sunday after Sunday and would eagerly wait until service was over for him to teach her a thing or two. She would diligently practice each moment she had, with him or by herself, until she eventually perfected the art of drumming. Since the age of 5 up until now, she has always had a love for music, and has been privileged to travel to places like Japan, South America, India and other parts of the world playing drums and doing various other forms of the arts.

In 2008, Latrisha held a two-day production entitled, “Girls Can Play Drums, Too!!” which taught young girls and ladies the basics to the most extensive forms of drumming. The production concluded with a concert which featured two female drummers on two separate drum sets, 3 female keyboardist, a female trumpet player, two separate female bass players, a host of female singers, poets, rappers and etc. It was designed to showcase those who have worked hard to place a demand on their gift and talent and inspire those coming up after them. This event was covered by local media and was a major success.

Latrisha has played with various artists, including Leon Timbo (Atlanta, GA), Chante’ Cann (Atlanta, GA), Randevyn Pierre (Atlanta, GA), Gospel Recording Artist, Lucinda Moore (Greensboro, NC) and Sheri Jones-Moffett (Memphis, TN) to name a few. She and her all female band, Shei (pronounced She) has opened up for such artist as PJ Morton, L. Spenser Smith and the list goes on. Latrisha has toured with various local groups and choirs during her many years of playing. She acknowledges God for the gift and hopes to continue to use it purposefully and passionately.

Latrisha is also the founder of Fee-nomenal Music, LLC in Birmingham, AL where she manages her all female band, Shei, writes songs for local and national recording artists, host productions such as Birmingham Jams (A monthly Open Mic/Jam Session for local and national artist), Mellow Monday’s (A set for acoustic guitarists/singers to come out and jam at), Painted Colors (A play on Domestic Violence) and a host of other events and services. Look out for her.

Photos by Gina Thomas (GT Photography)

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  1. She is the best i have ever heard long before the acknowledgements and recognitions pure genius and gift to all who encounter her. keep your eyes on greatness; Or be left on the wrong side of history. For FE-FE is a history making artist and performer in our time.

  2. Way to go sis!! So proud of you! You are definitely gifted by God and full of talent! Keep God first in your life and keep up the great work you’ve doing. There aren’t any limits in God! Stay focused girl!

  3. Feetastic! What a talent God has given to us and to the world! Mom, is very proud of you baby and your accomplishments. With God ALL things are possible. Don’t forget Him for He certainly will not forget you! Love you dearly sweetie, keep reaching for the stars for you are certainly one!!

  4. Im so very proud to see how far you have become in the music world. Your talent is what makes me want to keep playing the drums! now its your turn to teach me! lil sis, love always big brother.

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