Drum Machine Love

Tom Tom Magazine Vintage Drum Machine Aimee Norwich

Hi, my name is Aimee Norwich and I will be writing and illustrating a new romance column in Tom Tom, titled ‘Drum Machine Love’.  I’ll feature one vintage drum machine every printed issue, with a bit of fun history about it and my ink drawing of it.  We’ll get to know the simple beauty of these luscious machines, as well as how they’ve graced us with their sublime sounds throughout music history.

Tom Tom Magazine Vintage Drum Machine Bravo Aimee Norwich


I am a musician, producer, and visual artist.  Currently I’m drawing a lot of vintage music equipment, in order to keep my stress level down while in Grad school studying music and geeky technology stuff!  Drawing is pure fun for me, and there are no cables to deal with!!!  To check out my music and art, you can go to my website.  Thanks to Tom Tom for letting me be a part of this!!!Tom Tom Magazine roland_cr-78 Aimee Norwich


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