Rah Rah’s Breaking Hearts Review

Rah Rah l Breaking Hearts l Hidden Pony Records l November 2011

Rah Rah lives up to its name by starting the album off with the joyful “Arrows,” a song that will jumpstart your heart. The rest of the songs meander through a variety of paces and moods, from plaintive to hopeful. The song “Beaches” features mostly vocals, and a drumbeat reminiscent of Warpaint. Most of the songs feature male and female vocals and at least five members of the band sing at some point, giving every song lots of texture. I personally have always enjoyed bands with multiple singers. (I probably listened to the Hair soundtrack too often as a child.)

In the past decade, Canada has been a breeding ground for large, collaborative indie rock bands like Broken Social Scene, Arcade Fire, and now Rah Rah. We’ll take it.

Listen to this: As you make a big dinner for your best friend’s birthday.

— Rebecca DeRosa

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