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Cultfever Tom Tom Magazine Review


Debut EP: Cultfever

November 1st, 2011

Cultfever creates their mysterious, electro – pop out of Brooklyn, NY. The trio consists of lead singer, Tamara Jafar, instrumentalist, Joseph Durniack, and drummer hailing from Tokyo, Shiori Takenoshita who accompanies them live for performances. The album opens with synth-heavy, and smooth riding, “Knew You Well”. Throughout the entire EP, Jafar guides the listener further into the dark, thick, synth-bedded compositions with her float-y, and yet at the same time, utterly dependable vocal performance. The intensity picks up midway through with “DevilInTheDrum”. The drums sound like they are in an alleyway, catching all the reverb from the walls, and using that to further enhance the energy/fullness in sound. “Duress” contains an extremely tasteful synth solo section, and “Farm” plays a few tricks on your mind with a surf-rock bass line, beautifully layered with those mysteriously rich synths. Cultfever brings a suspenseful, but still locked in sound to their Debut EP.

P.s There is a line in “Rouge” that says, “I’m addicted to the drumming”. UM…AWESOME

Listen to this: On a private adventure, with a flask in an inside jacket pocket.

Reviewed by Steph Barker


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